Conus boeticus

Reeve, 1844

Small to medium-sized, light to moderately solid. Last whorl conical to ventricosely conical, broadly conical in form ruppellii; outline variably convex adapically, slightly convex to almost straight below. Shoulder angulate to subangulate, smooth to weakly tuberculate. Spire of low to moderate height, variably concave in outline. Teleoconch sutural ramps flat, with 1-2 increasing to 3-5 spiral grooves. Last whorl with weak or strong, mostly granulose ribs around basal fourth to half.

Ground colour white. Last whorl with large, irregularly shaped, yellowish to blackish brown markings above and below centre, often fusing into 2 spiral bands and sometimes coalescing axially. Spiral rows of fine brown to blackish brown dots extend from base to shoulder; dotted lines may be variably reduced or replaced by dashed lines. Base usually white ventrally. Later sutural ramps radially maculated with brown; usually same colour as last whorl; maculation variable. Sutural zone sometimes solid brown.
Aperture white to light violet or pink.

[Cone Collector's Guide:]

Hutchinson Shoal
off northern Moreton Island

found dead in sand on coral reef in 10m of water
32 mm
Collected 2016

The Gneerings
off Mooloolabah

by diver
25 mm
Collected 2000
courtesy S Grail