Conus coronatus

Gmelin, 1791

Small to medium-sized, moderately light to solid. Last whorl usually broadly to broadly ventricosely conical or even ovate; outline faintly to pronouncedly convex; left side straight to concave at base. Aperture variably wider at base than at shoulder. Shoulder subangulate to angulate, tuberculate. Spire of low to moderate height, outline concave to convex. Teleoconch sutural ramps flat to concave, with 1-7 spiral grooves in later whorls; last ramp may have additional spiral striae. Last whorl variable in surface sculpture; largely smooth shells with well separated faint spiral ribs at base grade into shells with distinct granulose ribs from base to adapical third.

Ground colour pale grey, pale beige to pink or pale purple; often with several shades merging together. Last whorl with pale, occasionally obsolete spiral bands below shoulder and centre. Variously sized markings of brown, black or olive, spirally aligned on either side of subcentral band, either separate or fusing into 2 solid colour bands. Variably spaced spiral rows of alternating white and dark dots or dashes from base to shoulder; occasionally, with additional diagonal or zigzag-shaped opaque white markings. Teleoconch spire radially maculated with varying brown to black blotches or bundles of fine lines.
Aperture bluish to brownish grey, with pale bands below shoulder and centre.

[Cone Collector's Guide:]

Northern Headland
Kings Beach

found exposed at low tide on a rocky reef platform
shell was hidden in thick springy algae
29 mm
Collected 1987

Flat Rock
North Stradbroke Island

found dead in 15m of water on rocky reef
21 mm
Collected 2000

The Gneerings
off Mooloolabah

by diver
39 mm
Collected 1999
courtesy S Grail