Conus glans

Hwass in Bruguiere, 1792

Moderately small to moderately large, moderately light to moderately solid. Shoulder indistinct to rounded. Spire of moderate height to high, outline convex. Last whorl with distinct, often granulose, closely spaced spiral ribs from base to shoulder.

Ground colour white to pale blue, suffused with blue or violet. Last whorl variably encircled with 2-3 bluish-brown bands, leaving light zones of different shades of grey, blue, violet or brown, occasionally overlaid with brown or blue axial streaks. Base usually dark violet.
Aperture light blue behind a violet marginal zone.

[Cone Collector's Guide:]

Hutchinson Shoal
off northern Moreton Island

found dead in sand on coral reef in 10m of water
31 mm
Collected 2016

The Gneerings
off Mooloolabah

by diver
27 mm
Collected 2000
courtesy S Grail