Phalium glaucum

(Linnaeus, 1758)

Shell 63 to 120 mm in length, solid, rotund, ash-gray, usually with a malleated surface, with 1 to 3 varices in the spire, and with 3 or 4 strong spines on the base of tlie outer lip. Suture finely inquessed and bordered below by a weak, whitish gray, spiral swelling. Adults with 0 to 3 former varices showing in the spire. Aperture ovate, dark-brown to tan within. Outer lip strong, recurved, glossy, yellowish to light-orange with irregular banding, and bearing 6 to 20 small denticles on the inner edge. Above, the denticles may be obsolete; below they may extend into the 3 or 4 strong spikes on the base of the outer lip. Columellar shield with a raised left edge, orange-yellow, and with irregular, strong, spiral wrinklings on the columellar side. Umbilicus moderately large and very deep. False umbilicus open, slit-like and deep. Siphonal canal recurved, light-tan with a small purplish brown blotch on the dorsal surface. Operculum corneous, brownish tan, fan-shaped, with a smoothish surface, except for fine concentric growth lines and weak, radial striae and about half the length of the aperture.

[Indo Pacific Mollusca, Vol 2 No 9. 1968. p12-535-536]

southern headland
Kings Beach

found dead in sand, washed up after a storm
91 mm

Collected 1989