Semicassis sophia

(Brazier, 187)

Shell 58 to 79 mm in length, globose, thin- to thick-shelled.
Cream to whitish background with 6 spiral rows of squarish and reddish brown spots which may be axially joined with wavy, broad, reddish brown flames or bands. Whorls 7 to 8, weakly or strongly flattened or tabulate just below the suture where there are 3 to 6 irregularly-sized, smoothish, rounded, spiral cords.
Parietal shield and its left edge moderately to strongly devel- oped. Columella with oblique sulcations and broken rugae, but in some specimens half-smooth or entirely smooth. Outer lip or varix thin or thick, in the latter case having weak or strong, white, spiral dentitions. Inner and upper parietal wall may or may not bear 2 or 3 short, oblique rugae.
Siphonal canal short, recurved and faintly tinged with lavender-brown in back of the rounded, posterior opening (not black-tipped). Canal bordered posteriorly by a well- marked gutter which runs posteriorly into the deep, true umbilicus. False umbilicus narrow and deep. Base of body whorl with 3 to 6 microscopic, incised spiral lines.

[[Indo Pacific Mollusca, Vol 2 No 9. 1968. p12-608]

Tin Can Bay

70 mm