Bronn, 1849

The shell is characterized by possessing a large body whorl marked by more or less strong ribs, with the spiral sculpture, if present, of secondary importance. The protoconch in this small family is notable for the variety shown in its form and in the number of its whorls. The aperture varies from broadh' to narrowly ovate; the parietal and columellar areas of the ventral side are covered by a callus of varying extent. The anterior siphonal sinus is well-marked, a siphonal canal is very short or absent, and there is generally a shallow posterior sinus at the junction of the outer lip and the parietal wall. An operculum is absent.

[Indo-Pacific Mollusca, Vol 3, No 16. Delaware Museum of Natural History. 1973, p20-602]


Bronn, 1849


Röding, 1798
Harpa articularis


Hughes & Emerson, 1987


Röding, 1798
Morum grande