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Brisbane Shell Club Inc.
The Brisbane Shell Club Inc. is a club for people who are interested in shells, shell collecting and all things molluscan.

The club:
The range of activities and interests of the club are wide and include:

The club's newsletter, The Radula, contains news and reports on club activities as well as shell related articles written by members.

The club’s meetings, field trips and other activities provide opportunities to discuss molluscs and shells, and to display specimens to members, visitors, guests and the general public.

Members of the club have knowledge on a broad range of mollusc and shell groups and topics, and can provide guidelines for naming, storing and displaying specimens.

Next Meeting
The Brisbane Shell Club Inc. holds meetings on the last Tuesday of the month.
A full list of all meetings is on the meetings page.
The next club meeting is scheduled for:
Tuesday, 23 February 2021
Cypraeidae. Let's start the year with a popular theme.
Please arrive as close to 6pm as you can, because we can access the venue from then. This will give plenty of time for shelling talk and associated activities, meeting items, supper etc. Also, we need to be out of the building and carpark by 9pm.
2nd Floor of the TLC Building, 16 Peel Street, South Brisbane
Free parking is usually available under the building