Shells of South
East Queensland

Tweed Heads to Noosa

South East Queensland is an area that stretches from Tweed Heads in the south, north to Noosa and west to Toowoomba.
It contains a rich and diverse molluscan fauna across varied habitats.

This is a project to illustrate the molluscan fauna of the area and map the geographic occurrences of these species.

Many of the marine and estuarine areas of South East Queensland are contained within the Moreton Bay Marine Park.
Activities within the marine park are governed by the provisions of the Moreton Bay Marine Park Zoning Plan. This plan has been developed over numerous iterations, each building on previous versions, to better protect and preserve the ecosystems of the area.

While photographs of live organisms are provided where available,specimens from the Moreton Bay area figured on this site have been collected in accordance with the provisions of the current Moreton Bay Marine Park Zoning Plan, or were collected at time when these provisions were not applicable to the collection site.

Further information on the Moreton Bay Marine Park can be found under the resources menu.