Bufonaria rana

(Linnaeus, 1758)

Shell: Ovate-fusiform; protoconch of three convex whorls; teleconch whorls angulate sculpture with minute geminate threads becoming cords on the anterior half of the body whorl, shoulders learning short, sharp stone with a second row of smaller spines near the centre of the body whorl; varices narrow with three prominent spines, the posterior one at the suture being  the largest, forming on side of the posterior canal; anterior canal, long and slightly upturned. Outer lip reflexed with a toothed edge plus inner denticles anteriorly. Columellar callus poorly developed, plicate anteriorly, fasciole wide and low.
Colour: exterior fawn with pale tan patches back and bands on the varices, interior white.

[Wilson,1993. pp247]

off Northern Moreton Island

55 mm
Collected 2014.