Quasimitra solida

(Reeve, 1844)

Shell up to 60 mm in length, elongate-ovate, young specimens cylindrically-ovate,moderately solid, Whorls 7-9 apart from protoconch of 2 1/2-3 glassy white or light brown nuclear whorls, spire whorls regularly convex. Sutures distinct and irregularly serrated by descending axial striae. First 2 post nuclear whorls with 3 or 4 spiral cords, later whorls with finely punctate spiral grooves which number 3-6 on the penultimate and 4-18 on the body whorl. Spire whorls have occasionally fine longitudinal striae which bisect the pits in the grooves and usually vanish past the 4th or 5th spiral groove anteriorly to the suture of the body whorl. Aperture about equal in height or longer than the spire, moderatey narrow or open, smooth within; outer lip only moderately thickenedand minutely denticulate anteriorly in mature adults. Columella glazed or calloused and with 4 or 5 oblique folds, siphonal canal straight, siphonal fasciole occasionally with a slight twist,siphonal notch distinct; base of shell with 5-8 oblique cords.
Brown or orange-brown in colour, ornamented with white spots, blotches or short streaks, usually spotted with white at the sutures; some individuals are uniformly fulvous-brown with hardly a trace of white.Aperturebeige,fawn or orange,deep interior sometimes greyish-white, parietal wall brown or fawn, columellar folds whitish.

[Indo-Pacific Mollusca, Vol 3, No. 17. Delaware Museum of Natural History 1976, p19*477]

Green Island
Moreton Bay

43 mm
Collected Collected 1983

off Moreton Island

Trawled from 228m
51 mm
Collected Collected 2014