Shells of South
East Queensland

Tweed Heads to Noosa

Conus tessulatus

Born, 1778
Medium-sized to moderately large, moderately solid to moderately heavy. Last whorl conical to broadly conical. Shoulder subangulate to angulate. Spire of low to moderate height, outline concave. Last whorl with variously spaced, weak or incised, often punctate spiral grooves on abapical third.

Cone Collector's Guide:


Hutchinsons Shoal,  Australia
Size: mm    Collected: 2000
found dead in sand on coral reef

Swains Reef,  Australia
Size: 64.25mm    Collected: Unknown
Collected by diver.

Mackerel Reef 21-466,  Australia
Size: 48.72mm    Collected: Unknown
Collected by scuba diver.

Naru Wall,  Solomon Islands
Size: mm    Collected: 2000
found in sand close to coral reef in about 2m of water

Uepi Is Lagoon,  Solomon Islands
Size: mm    Collected: 2005
found in sand close to coral reef in about 1m of water

Rabaul,  Papua New Guinea
Size: 36.12mm    Collected: Unknown
Collected by scuba diver.

Cuddalore,  India
Size: 55mm    Collected: Unknown
Trawled from 20-440m.

Eilat,  Egypt
Size: 45mm    Collected: 1967
in sand and rubble at 2-4m taken snorkling

Madagascar,  Madagascar
Size: 35mm    Collected: 2013
taken by diver at 8m giant shell

Baja California,  Mexico
Size: 40mm    Collected: 2004
collected at night on sand at 15m by diver collected 2004

Papeete,  French Polynesia
Size: 35mm    Collected: 2013
in black sand in lagoon 1-2m

Taioha'e Bay,  Marquesas
Size: 33mm    Collected: 2000
On sand at night at 20-30m Collected by diver October 2000