Shells of South
East Queensland

Tweed Heads to Noosa

Rapa rapa

(Linnaeus, 1758)


Hutchinsons Shoal,  Australia
Size: 0mm    Collected: 1999
found dead in sand in 17m of water

Hutchinsons Shoal,  Australia
Size: 0mm    Collected: 1999
flinders reef: found dead on reef in 10m of water, animals shell was brocken and there was a hole where it had lived in the soft coral. It must have been eaten by something. turtle???

Nth Scott Reef,  Australia
Size: 105mm    Collected: Unknown
Buried in soft green soft corals at 3-5m depth. Inside the lagoon.

Mactan Island,  Philippines
Size: 49.7mm    Collected: 2015
taken by diver in 9m collected May 2015