Shells of South
East Queensland

Tweed Heads to Noosa

Talparia talpa

(Linnaeus, 1758)
Shell: medium, solid, elliptical to sub-cylindrical, ranging from 56-68 mm. Spire concealed. Teeth: 32 columellar teeth; 36 labral teeth. Sculpture: smooth, porcelaneous. Exterior colour yellow to fawn crossed by four darker transverse bands; base and margins black to dark brown; interstices between teeth are pale .


Hutchinson,  Australia
Size: 56.8mm    Collected: 1999
found two specimens, one alive and one dead. dead: shell crushed in many fragments- eaten by something

Swains Reef,  Australia
Size: 68.1mm    Collected: Unknown
Collected by diver.

General Store,  Solomon Islands
Size: 61.1mm    Collected: 1999
Found dead in cave under the reef. Decomposing animal was still inside, must have been dead for a week or two. in 5m of water.

Madang,  Papua New Guinea
Size: 63.2mm    Collected: 1983
No data.

Port Moresby,  Papua New Guinea
Size: 57.04mm    Collected: 1984
bought from villagers

Rabaul- Old,  Papua New Guinea
Size: 57.81mm    Collected: 2005
Collected by scuba diver.