Shells of South
East Queensland

Tweed Heads to Noosa

Cypraea tigris

Linnaeus, 1758
Shell: medium, ovate to pyriform, ranging from 68-87 mm. Teeth: 20 to 24 columellar teeth; 21 to 23 labral teeth. Sculpture: smooth, porcelaneous. Exterior colour white, overlaid with variably sized diffuse spots in various shades of black, blue brown; base white with spotting beginning on the margins; mantle line distinct.


Mudjimba Island,  Australia
Size: 80.44mm    Collected: Unknown
Collected on rocky reef at 12-15m by diver.

Naru Wall,  Solomon Islands
Size: 81mm    Collected: 1998
In 5m of water on coral reef. Also found parts of shell which had been smashed by some animal???¢m

Karikana I,  Solomon Islands
Size: 85.96mm    Collected: Unknown
Collected on reef under rock overhang in 7m of water by diver.

Madang,  Papua New Guinea
Size: 87.92mm    Collected: 1973
No data.

Uman Island,  Chuuk State
Size: 71.83mm    Collected: Unknown
Collected from from hull of ship under overhand at 12m by diver.

Man Friday Resort,  Fiji
Size: 71.96mm    Collected: Unknown
Collected from coral reef in 3m of water by snorkeler .

Vava' u,  Tonga
Size: 68.4mm    Collected: Unknown
No data.