Shells of South
East Queensland

Tweed Heads to Noosa

Maculotriton serriale

(Deshayes, 1833)


Lamont Reef,  Australia
Size: 16.34mm    Collected: Unknown
Live under dead coral slabs at low tide.

Tryon Island,  Australia
Size: 15mm    Collected: 2003
Live collected at low tide.

Minnie Waters,  Australia
Size: 15mm    Collected: Unknown
No data.

North West Cape,  Australia
Size: 12.61mm    Collected: Unknown
Underside of coral slab at low tide.

Roebuck Bay,  Australia
Size: 12.96mm    Collected: Unknown
No data.

Taioha'e Bay,  Marquesas
Size: 14mm    Collected: 2000
On rocks at low tide.