Shells of South
East Queensland

Tweed Heads to Noosa

Conus geographus

Linnaeus, 1758
Moderately large to large, moderately solid to solid. Last whorl narrowly cylindrical to cylindrical; outline straight or slightly convex. Aperture wider at base than near shoulder. Shoulder angulate to rounded, usually strongly tuberculate. Spire low, outline variably concave to straight.


Mudjimba Island,  Australia
Size: 91.07mm    Collected: 2000
Collected from rocky reef at 15m by diver.

Swains Reef,  Australia
Size: 100mm    Collected: 2015
Collected from sand at night at 8-10m.

Holbourne Island,  Australia
Size: 90mm    Collected: Unknown
No data.

Landoro Gardens,  Solomon Islands
Size: mm    Collected: 2005
found dead on reef in sand

Lumalihe Island,  Solomon Islands
Size: mm    Collected: 1999
found dead in 10m of water under a cutlefish ( Sepia latimanus- broadclub cuttlefish) shell had been crushed. There were other dead crushed shells in the area.

Charapoana Island,  Solomon Islands
Size: mm    Collected: 1997
found dead on coral reef in 2 meters of water only partial shell.

Naru Gap,  Solomon Islands
Size: 90mm    Collected: 2001
found dead on coral reef in 2 meteres of water only partial shell.

Grand Central Station,  Solomon Islands
Size: mm    Collected: 2016
found dead in sand on coral reef at 19m

Dar es Salaam,  Tanzania
Size: 105mm    Collected: 2015
On offshore reefs under coral slab 20-25m taken by diver collected 2015