Shells of South
East Queensland

Tweed Heads to Noosa

Bursa granularis

(Röding, 1798)


Caloundra,  Australia
Size: 46mm    Collected: 1984
trawled from 75m collected 2007

Lamont Reef,  Australia
Size: 48mm    Collected: 2019
Under rocks and coral slabs on intertidal reef. Located on weather edge of the reef. Dead collected.

Lamont Reef,  Australia
Size: 60mm    Collected: 2019
On sand cay inside reef at low tide. The animal was cracking the sand on the turn of the tide.

Clipperton Island,  Clipperton Island
Size: 56.8mm    Collected: 1994
Under dead coral heads 15-20m depth Taken by scuba diver very rare location

O'ahu,  United States of America
Size: 33.7mm    Collected: Unknown
Under dead coral heads 6-8m depth Taken by scuba diver

Nuka Hiva,  Marquesas
Size: 62.2mm    Collected: 1999
under rocks in coral and rubble 8-10m depth Taken by scuba diver rare location

Taioha'e Bay,  Marquesas
Size: 23mm    Collected: 1999
under rocks in sand and rubble 20-25m depth Taken by scuba diver rare location

Bundergi Reef ,  Australia
Size: 52.5mm    Collected: Unknown
under dead coral on shallow reef 0.5-1m depth

Avatele Tepu Point,  Niue
Size: 43mm    Collected: 2002
Amongst rubble at night Takeb by diver

Olango Island,  Philippines
Size: 48mm    Collected: Unknown
No data.

Nacala Bay,  Mozambique
Size: 36mm    Collected: Unknown
On reef 10-25m depth

Ela Beach,  Papua New Guinea
Size: mm    Collected: 1984
found on shore line under a rock with many species of Nerita and other B. granularis