Shells of South
East Queensland

Tweed Heads to Noosa

Paraseila halligani

(Hedley, 1905)
Shell medium size for the family, narrowly conical, spire weakly convex in outline. Protoconch of 3 smooth, strongly convex whorls. Teleoconch whorls sculptured with 3 strong, smooth spiral cords with a fourth spiral developing above suture on 7th whorl; interspace between spirals 2 and 3 wider than between 1 and 2; fine axial threads between spirals 2 and 3. Base with spiral 4 of same strength as spiral 1-3, smooth below. Outer lip of aperture apparently thin (broken in holotype); inner lip heavily calloused. Anterior canal a deep U-shaped notch. Colour white. Size: Holotype 5.6 mm in length.


Shelly Beach,  Australia
Size: 8mm    Collected: 2018
In sand and shell grit on beach. Dead collected.