Shells of South
East Queensland

Tweed Heads to Noosa

Conus textile

Linnaeus, 1758


Myora light,  Australia
Size: 60mm    Collected: Unknown
No data.

Amity Point,  Australia
Size: 65.6mm    Collected: Unknown
In sand and rock on rock wall at 2m.

Hutchinsons Shoal,  Australia
Size: 0mm    Collected: 1999
found dead shell crushed and in many pieces. Eaten by something? What i have of the shell is beautifully marked

Hutchinsons Shoal,  Australia
Size: mm    Collected: 2017
found dead in coarse sand at about 14m area has a lot or water movement and large amount of surge, small overhangs with low algae and scattered patches of coarse sand

Perfect Lagoon 21-186,  Australia
Size: 68mm    Collected: 2017
No data.

Sykes Reef,  Australia
Size: 0mm    Collected: 2019
Small specimen found dead in sand in 2m of water on coral reef. Larger specimens found buried in and under large coral slabs on weather edge of the reef.

Lamont Reef,  Australia
Size: 75mm    Collected: 2019
In sand and coral rubble, under rocks and coral slabs on intertidal reef. Located on weather edge of the reef.

Low Island,  Australia
Size: 60mm    Collected: 1956
On reef.

Iluka,  Australia
Size: 50mm    Collected: 1973
In rock pool at low tide.

Broome,  Australia
Size: 0mm    Collected: 2017
No data.

Charapoana Island,  Solomon Islands
Size: 0mm    Collected: 2000
found in sand on coral reef + 1 shell fragment

Charapoana Island,  Solomon Islands
Size: 50mm    Collected: 2018
In sand on reef slope in about 5m of water. Dead shells

Naru Gap,  Solomon Islands
Size: mm    Collected: 2001
found in sand on coral reef dead juvinile shell

Rabaul,  Papua New Guinea
Size: 55mm    Collected: Unknown
out on black sand hunting at night at 8-10m

Local Island reef,  Papua New Guinea
Size: 0mm    Collected: 1984
found in sand on coral reef

Madang,  Papua New Guinea
Size: 0mm    Collected: 1973
No data.

Ko Racha Noi,  Thailand
Size: 101mm    Collected: Unknown
No data.

Zanzibar,  Tanzania
Size: 43.38mm    Collected: Unknown
Collected in sand and rubble at low tide by local collectoors.

Toliara,  Madagascar
Size: 50mm    Collected: Unknown
under coral rubble on sand at 10-15m very open pattern

Zanzibar,  Tanzania
Size: 50mm    Collected: Unknown
on shallow reefs at low tide by local collectors striking sparse pattern with a bulbous body whorl.

Toliara,  Madagascar
Size: 50mm    Collected: Unknown
on rubble and sand at night at 1-5m By local collectors. Bulbous body blue bands

Nacala Bay,  Mozambique
Size: 40mm    Collected: Unknown
Collected by local lobster divers at night on sand and rubble at 2-5m

South Jeddah,  Saudi Arabia
Size: 67.2mm    Collected: Unknown
Inside reef under rock in gravel