Shells of South
East Queensland

Tweed Heads to Noosa

Tutufa rubeta

(Linnaeus, 1758)


Western Pacific,  Wester Pacific
Size: 140mm    Collected: 2017
No data.

Hutchinsons Shoal,  Australia
Size: 140mm    Collected: 2017
on rocky reef at 15m on sand under a small overhangs with low algae and scattered patches of coarse sand area has a lot or water movement and large amount of surge,

Panglao,  Philippines
Size: 0mm    Collected: Unknown
On reef 10-20m depth.

Hot Spot,  Solomon Islands
Size: 0mm    Collected: 1998
found dead on coral reef in 5m of water

Hot Spot,  Solomon Islands
Size: mm    Collected: 2000
found on coral reef in 5 meters of water

Buton Is,  Indonesia
Size: 90.6mm    Collected: Unknown
among coral and rubble on ledges on wall at 20-30m

Eilat,  Israel
Size: mm    Collected: Unknown
alive on reef at 8m