Shells of South
East Queensland

Tweed Heads to Noosa

Gari maculosa

(Lamarck, 1818)
Shell: moderately small to medium, ranging from 20-46 mm.


Mooloolaba,  Australia
Size: 45mm    Collected: 1996
Dead collected at 20m. Collected on scuba.

Mooloolaba,  Australia
Size: 40mm    Collected: 1996
Collected on scuba at 20m..

Gould Reef,  Australia
Size: 20mm    Collected: 2010
Collected on scuba at 3m in sandy rubble. Dead collected.

Dingo Beach,  Australia
Size: 46mm    Collected: 1989
on sand

Surprise Reef 21-554,  Australia
Size: 36mm    Collected: 1989
Collected on scuba at 20m.

Wilson Island,  Australia
Size: 36mm    Collected: 2000
Dead collected on scuba at 13m.

Pelorus Island,  Australia
Size: 35mm    Collected: 1982
In sand at 20m Collected on scuba.

Surprise Reef 21-554,  Australia
Size: 35mm    Collected: 1989
In sand at 20m near bommie. Collected on scuba.