Shells of South
East Queensland

Tweed Heads to Noosa

Erronea ovum

(Gmelin, 1791)
Shell: moderately small, solid, elongate to sub-pyriform, ranging from 24-30 mm. Spire flattened, sometimes visible. Teeth: 20 columellar teeth; 16 labral teeth. Sculpture: smooth, porcelaneous. Aperture narrow and even. Exterior colour dorsum oilve green with 3 blueish bands dusted ith fine, diffuse bron freckles a darker dowsum blotch is sometime spresent; base and margins cream; yellow beteen the teeth.


Marau Sound,  Solomon Islands
Size: 30.8mm    Collected: Unknown
Collected on coral rubble by scuba diver.

Subspecies: Erronea ovum chrysostoma  F. A. Schilder, 1927
Rhomboid; often heavy; dorsum greenish with distinct traverse bands and fine, brown freckles; blotch absent; bright orange dental interstices.
Port Moresby,  Papua New Guinea
Size: 24.46mm    Collected: 1984
No data.

Olango Island,  Philippines
Size: mm    Collected: 2015
taken by diver in 20 m
Often confused with Erronea errones, but E. ovum had yellow between the teeth