Rafinesque, 1815

The Strombidae is a small family of medium to large size shells comprises of numerous genera that include; the genus Strombus with a flared outer lip, and the digitate spider shells of the genus Lambis.

Members of Strombidae inhabit intertidal and shallow sub-tidal area feeding on macroalgae and epiphytes on sandy or slightly muddy substrates. 

Two features of strombid anatomy are notable.

  • Firstly is the effective and prominent eyes on stalks.

  • Secondly is the method of locomotion where the serrated, pointed operculum is dug into the substrate and the animal pulls itself forward in a series of leaps with the operculum as an anchor. This movement of the operculum is the source of the name Lambis, coming from the latin lambare meaning to lick.


Schumacher, 1817
Canarium labiatum


Bayle in P. Fischer, 1884
Conomurex luhuanus


Wenz, 1940
Doxander campbelli
Doxander vittatus


Röding, 1798

Lambis crocata